About Me

I'm Guilherme Bartelmann, a creative web
designer based in London.

Since 2015, I have been designing modern looking websites as a hobby. Over the years I have gained valuable skills and now I can professionally offer my services to growing brands like yours.


I build bespoke, modern websites using any application you can think of made for success. My priority is to ensure all websites I create has a fantastic user experience.

When it comes down to creating a new project I take into consideration who it is for and how it will appeal to the other user when viewing the website.


I use technical platforms to ensure I will deliver the best project for your brand. These include applications such as Bootstrap, CMS;s, eCommerce, Adobe Photoshop and many more.

As well as using these technical platforms projects I make sure that it is easy for you to follow along and that you are updated throughout the process from start to finish.


I am born speaking both Portuguese and English but as growing up I have connected to my heritage, Germany. This means that I am able to communicate with you in any of the following languages.

You can communicate to me in Portuguese, Swedish, English and German.


I often work with individuals and start up businesses creating anything from blogs, portfolios and even more advanced websites like online eCommerce stores.

Each project is a collaboration, you will always have a say and I will give you my professional opinion that will benefit your project. If this sounds like the kind of partnership you will like, don't hesitate to get in touch.